You’re Invited to a Free Mother’s Day Vein Screening

Woman in yellow & white with mother in pink & white sitting outside on ad Grandmothers, mothers and daughters can all develop varicose veins. Why?

There are a variety of causes.
The leading cause of venous insufficiency (venous reflux) is heredity. So if your Grandma and Mom had or have aching, throbbing, bulging veins on their legs, chances are good that you’ll get them too.

Another reason people get varicosities is because of their occupation––being on their feet all day. Other factors include:

  • Age (the older you are, the more likely you can get them)
  • Gender (women are more likely to develop the condition than men because of hormonal changes)
  • Pregnancy (because of increased hormonal levels)
  • Being overweight
  • A lack of movement
  • Leg trauma or bruises

Come to our free vein screening on May 7.
Whatever caused your varicose veins, everybody and their Mothers are invited to our May Free Vein Screening:

When: Tuesday, May 7, Noon to 7pm
Where: 2025 Technology Parkway, Suite 304, Mechanicsburg PA 17050
RSVP: 1-800-VEIN-DOC (1-800-834-6362)

To schedule your free screening, call Calcagno & Rossi today or request your appointment online.