What’s The Difference Between Vein Stripping And Venefit?

patients1-300x300Do you have a friend or a relative who had a vein stripping procedure years ago? From the 1980s through the 1990s, vein stripping was once the most recommended procedure for treating varicose veins.

If you did know someone, they most likely told you that it was very painful, that it required many incisions, that the surgery took up to five hours, that it needed an overnight hospital stay, and that it took a few weeks to recover fro the whole ordeal.

If Vein Stripping Was Then… Venefit™ Is Now.
Today, the double board-certified surgeons at Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center –– Dr. David Calcagno and Dr. John Rossi –– perform more quick, effective and minimally invasive Venefit™ (VNUS Closure) procedures for varicose vein and spider veins than any other practice in Central PA.

Venefit Is A State-Of-The-Art Technology For Quick, Effective Procedures.
The Venefit procedure offers a way to treat vein disease with state-of-the-art technology because:

  • It is the only minimally invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy, which provides an even, uniform heat to contract collagen in the vein walls, causing them to collapse and seal so that blood flow is then redirected to healthy veins.
  • It is performed as an outpatient using local anesthesia in our Mechanicsburg offices.
  • It results in less pain, no scarring, bruising, or swelling.
  • It typically enables our patients to be in and out of our office in less than 90 minutes.
  • It is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare.
  • In a large international, multi-center study published in December 2012, 99% of the patients surveys were free of pathological venous reflux after one year and 95% were reflux-free from symptoms after five years.

To learn more about the Venefit procedure (formerly known as VNUS Closure) or to make an appointment at Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center, call us today at 717-921-1412.