WGAL-TV Video News Segment with Dr. John Rossi: Varicose Veins

WGAL-TV (NBC) ran this video news story on March 20, 2013, featuring Dr. John Rossi of Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center being interviewed by the 8 On Your Side team.

It featured a VNUS Closure® procedure with Peggy, a spa owner, as a patient of the leading vein treatment practice in central Pennsylvania. She had been bothered by pain, swelling and heaviness in her legs because of varicose veins.

She said, “The symptoms were just quiet symptoms whenever they started, and then, probably over the past six months, they’ve gotten worse.”

During a minimally invasive procedure with local anesthetic over about 30 minutes, Dr. Rossi used  ultrasound as his guide with RF (Radiofrequency) to locate and destroy the saphonous vein that contained the leaky valve.

After the procedure, Dr. Rossi told Peggy to immediately take a 20-minute walk. In the parking lot, she said, “My legs feel amazingly light. I have no pain at all and my steps just feel so much lighter.”

Reporter Ron Martin closed by saying that if one of your parents has venous reflux disease, you have a 50% chance of getting it. But if both parents have it, you have a 90% chance of getting varicose veins.

Watch this video from WGAL-TV news.