VenaSeal Closure System: Sticking It to Vein Disease, One Patient at a Time

According to a news segment on ABC27, “Procedures to get rid of varicose veins have come a long way, from stripping to now sealing with medical glue.”

In the story, a woman named Janette Leitzel said that varicose veins made her legs feel heavy and uncomfortable. She asked Calcagno and Rossi Vein Treatment Center for help.

“When the blood flows back into your legs, it creates venous hypertension which is a condition where your leg and your veins are pressurized,” said Dr. John Rossi. “Large varicose veins can eventually lead to venous ulcers later in life.”

To avoid that potential problem, this patient chose VenaSeal™ to get relief now. This medical breakthrough treats varicose veins –– quickly and without surgery.“VenaSeal is a glue that can be put inside the vein with a tiny catheter and a local anesthetic to stop the blood from falling backward into the leg,” added Dr. Rossi.

Watch the News Story.

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