Vein Disease And What You Should Know About It


venous_a2_2-150x150Do your legs ache or throb with pain? Do your legs ever have a tired or “heavy” feeling? Do you see visible, bulging varicose veins? Do you have restless legs at night? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may have vein disease.Because vein disease is so prevalent, the experts at Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center are sharing these five facts that everyone should know:

1) Venous disease is a medical condition; not just cosmetic. When the valves in your leg’s veins start to malfunction, blood begins to leak back down into these veins towards your feet. “Venous insufficiency” or “venous reflux disease” is the medical term for vein disease that describes the downward flow of blood into your dilated veins with malfunctioned valves.

2) Vein disease is a progressive disease. Progressive means that vein disease can get worse over time and may eventually lead to more serious conditions like venous ulcers, bleeding, and typically enlarged, ropey, visible varicose veins that throb with pain.

3) Vein disease can happen to anyone at any age. Varicose veins don’t just happen to your grandmothers. Young men who are very active in sports and young women who are pregnant can get them, as well as anyone with a family history of vein disease, people with weight issues, older people, and people who spend long hours on their feet for their jobs.

4) Vein disease affects 72% of women and nearly half of all men over the age of 60. In fact, 24 million Americans have varicose vein disease and 6 million have severe vein disease where they have skin changes (darkening of the skin) associated with chronic venous insufficiency. Plus, over 500,000 people in the U.S. have venous ulcers on their ankles and feet.

5) The VNUS Closure® procedure ensures optimum treatment outcomes for vein disease. Dr. David Calcagno, Dr. John Rossi and their staff have performed more VNUS Closure procedures in their Mechanicsburg, PA offices than anyone in central PA. Also known as Venefit™ or radiofrequency ablation, this quick, effective procedure is used to treat larger veins that are the main source of reflux in superficial veins. Compared to traditional vein stripping, VNUS Closure requires only local anesthesia. Patients have a minimal recovery time following the procedure and the risk of complications is minimal. Best of all, most varicose vein procedures are covered by your insurance.

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