The Holidays Are Here –– Treat Yourself to Healthy Legs

When you’re exhausted after standing on your feet all day at work, then shopping at night repeatedly throughout the holidays, treat yourself to a personalized present… healthy legs. If painful, throbbing varicose veins, “heavy” or tired-feeling legs are bothering you, relief can be just a phone call away. You can trust “The Vein Docs” to … Continued

Give Yourself the Gift of Healthy Legs

Now that the holidays are here, you’re going to be walking more, shopping more, entertaining more, standing more, and spending more hours on your feet nearly every day. Because of this, you may begin to notice that your legs ache, throb, burn, feel more tired, or that you have itching around your leg veins. That’s … Continued

Dog Days of Summer and Your Vein Disease

The hot, humid, sticky dog days of summer are almost gone. But what can be even more uncomfortable is if you’re suffering from painful, itching, swollen varicose veins or unsightly spider veins caused by venous insufficiency. Vein disease can be embarrassing for anyone. It even prevents many people from enjoying your time at the shore, the pool, … Continued

Vein Disease And What You Should Know About It

Do your legs ache or throb with pain? Do your legs ever have a tired or “heavy” feeling? Do you see visible, bulging varicose veins? Do you have restless legs at night? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you may have vein disease.Because vein disease is so prevalent, the experts at Calcagno & Rossi … Continued

FOX 43 TV Video News Segment with Dr. David Calcagno: Vein Disease

FOX-43 TV (WPMT) in York, PA ran this video news story on April 11, 2013, featuring an interview with Dr. David Calcagno of Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center and a patient, Marge Mowery.

Dr. Calcagno explained that varicose veins are not just a cosmetic problem, they’re a serious medical problem that should be treated before they lead to complications. He said, “Varicose veins are large, dilated veins that bulge from the skin surface. They’re caused by veins that are leaking so the pressure backs down your legs which causes a sense of heaviness, tightness and tiredness.”