What are The Causes of Vein Disease?

Venous insufficiency (vein disease) is an abnormal circulatory condition affecting approximately half of the U.S. population. In fact, 50 to 55% of women and 40 to 45% of men suffering from this condition. But for Americans 50 and older, one out of every two people is affected. The most common underlying cause of venous insufficiency … Continued

What Every Woman Should Know About Her Varicose Veins

According to a recent article at WomensHealth.com, vein issues are among the most common chronic conditions in North America. Because we perform more minimally invasive venous insufficiency treatments in Central Pennsylvania than anyone else, Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center agrees with this article’s 8 things that every woman should know about her varicose veins. Here’s … Continued

What Causes Varicose Veins?

At Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center, we know that there are a great many causes of varicose veins, from who your parents are to if you’ve had a baby recently to your weight. Let’s explore each one…