Spider Veins: Three Common Occurrences And One Treatment Option

Do you have spider veins? These small, web-like, damaged veins are composed of red, purple, or blue lines (known as telangiectasia) and are just under your skin’s surface.

Because of spider veins, some people may notice pain, discomfort, and throbbing. Many people want to get rid of these unsightly veins for cosmetic purposes.

Three Common Places They Appear.
Spider veins can appear on your legs (behind your knees), your ankles, and your face (particularly your cheeks).

One Recommended Treatment  Option.
At Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center, our recommended treatment for spider veins –– and smaller varicose veins –– is Sclerotherapy.

This procedure is used to get rid of spider veins in your legs by injecting a sclerosant into the disabled vein. Watch the video at the bottom of this page to see the vein disappear right before your eyes .

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