Compression LeggingsCompression Therapy

A conservative approach to combatting varicose veins

Wearing compression stockings is a conservative treatment strategy for people who suffer from varicose vein swelling and pain but who are too weak or sick to undergo other treatments.

This more conservative therapy may also be the first approach we take for patients whose insurance companies require it prior to authorizing other, more permanent treatments.

Some insurance companies require patients to wear prescription-strength compression stockings for three to six months before the company will consider reimbursing other treatments.

What’s Involved?

Compression stockings are worn indefinitely, whenever the leg is not elevated.

What Are The Results?

Compression stockings do not treat the underlying condition. Supportive stockings are intended to control symptoms, rather than cure the disease. Compression stockings can help to alleviate swelling, the pain and the discomfort caused by varicose veins.

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