Now You See Varicose Veins in Harrisburg, Now You Don’t

Do you have ugly, swollen, bulging, blue-green, embarrassing varicose veins? Or does someone you know have them?

Varicose veins are actually a symptom of venous insufficiency, also known as venous reflux. Vein disease is a progressive medical condition that will only get worse over time and can lead to more serious complications.

Fortunately, Dr. David Calcagno and Dr. John Rossi of Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center in the Harrisburg/Mechanicsburg, Central PA area offer a variety of minimally invasive procedures that can make your varicose veins or your spider veins virtually disappear in just a treatment or two.

We offer Venous Closure, which is also popularly called Venefit™, VNUS Closure® or radiofrequency ablation. We prefer this treatment because:

  • It’s minimally invasive.
  • It’s performed right in our Mechanicsburg offices with local anesthesia.
  • It’s convenient, quick (about 30 minutes per procedure), and much easier on you than traditional vein stripping surgery in a hospital.
  • It treats abnormal vein that are the main source of vein reflux (backflow) in superficial leg veins, allowing your normal veins to work more effectively.
  • It ensures optimal results because Dr. Calcagno & Dr. Rossi are double board-certified vein surgeons and have performed more varicose vein procedures than anyone else in Central Pennsylvania.
  • The risks of complications are minimal.
  • And it lets you get up, go home, and go about your life with minimal to no downtime.

To schedule a free consultation at Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center in the Harrisburg area, call us today in Mechanicsburg at 717-791-2800.