New Procedure Seen on Dr. Oz Is Offered by Calcagno & Rossi

VenaSeal-on-Dr-OzDr. Charlie Dietzek, a vascular surgeon from New Jersey, performed a live treatment for varicose veins using the new VenaSeal Closure System on Dr. Oz last week.

As we reported last week when Dr. Rossi introduced VenaSeal to the Good Day PA! audience, Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center were pioneers with this procedure here in Pennsylvania.

Watch the Dr. Oz episode here.

Dr. Dietzek explained that there are very few patients who are not good candidates for this minimally invasive treatment. It’s actually a great procedure for the 30 million people who are affected by varicose veins in America. They have venous insufficiency, a progressive medical condition that causes aching legs, tired legs, restless legs, throbbing legs, and leg cramps. The VenaSeal procedure can help relieve the symptoms and has been 99% effective in relieving varicose vein symptoms.