A Holiday Poem from Calcagno & Rossi

With Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.

‘Twas the week before Christmas,

And all through your legs,

Do you have pain or swelling?

Does it feel like the plague?


If you’re wincing and suffering from varicose veins,

It’s time to do something about your unrelenting pain.

Just call Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center at the number below,

And schedule a free 2014 screening, ho ho ho.


To you and your families, we part with these words,

We know it sounds like something you’ve already heard,

But we want to exclaim, as we sign off here right,

“Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night.”


If you have any questions about varicose veins or spider veins, call 717-791-2800 to make your appointment with Dr. David Calcagno or Dr. John Rossi for their January 21 or 22, 2014 screening dates at our office at 2025 Technology Pkwy, Suite 304, Mechanicsburg.