Helping Those Who Need It Most: Honduras Medical Mission

David Calcagno has traveled several times from Central Pennsylvania to hot, humid Honduras to help his fellow man.

Sponsored by a nonprofit organization in Wisconsin called The Hackett Hemwall Foundation, Dr. Calcagno gives his time and his substantial expertise as a double board certified physician in Phlebology and Surgery to help people who have no or no access to medical help.

Working with a team of about 30 doctors and through the El Cruz Roja (The Red Cross in Honduras), Dr. Calcagno has journeyed with the Hackett Hemwall Foundation Team to Honduras, treating over a thousand patients suffering from advanced venous disease during each year’s week of clinics.

The volunteer doctors –– all specialists in treating vein disease –– were from America, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Denmark, Germany, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

These patients arrive with painful problems due to varicose veins. Some have ridden buses for six hours to get to the clinics in three locations in different regions of Honduras.

Dr. Calcagno does this through the purest form of the Hippocratic Oath: to help people in need… to improve their quality of life.

Using duplex ultrasound exam to pinpoint the problem veins, the doctors deliver injections into faulty veins.

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