Happy Valentine’s Day 2018: Time to Love Your Legs

When the calendar hits February, it’s time to show your body some love by giving yourself the gift of healthy legs.

Just call Dr. David Calcagno or Dr. John Rossi, the double board-certified vein specialists at Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center. Make an appointment for a formal vein examination right off Route 81 in Mechanicsburg to let us determine whether or not you have venous insufficiency (vein disease).

Our Calcagno & Rossi Advantage includes:

  • A focus on superior vein care.
  • Vein specialists who each have over 25 years of vascular expertise.
  • A choice of quick, effective minimally invasive procedures, customized to your particular vein issues.
  • A locally-owned physician practice.
  • Treatments and evaluations that are covered by insurance and Medicare.

To schedule a formal vein evaluation or for more information, please call 855-501-3201 or schedule your appointment online.