Good Day PA Segment 11.26.13 with Dr. David Calcagno — Live Sclerotherapy Procedure

On November 26th during Thanksgiving Week on Good Day PA, Dr. David Calcagno performed a live sclerotherapy procedure on spider veins on a patient’s leg.

This quick, minimally invasive procedure on patient “D” proved how rapidly a qualified vascular surgeon like Dr. Calcagno can dissolve unsightly spider veins.

Dr. Calcagno explained that “Sclerotherapy is injecting an irritating solution inside a very small vein to get that vein to shut down and go away. A good candidate is generally someone like “D” with smaller vein changes, like spider veins, or those slightly blue-green veins or reticular veins. This procedure can be for both cosmetic reasons and for medical reasons, such as when patients have an itching or burning feeling.”

A Sclerotherapy procedure uses the smallest needle available — a 32 gauge needle — which then causes the vein to scar and collapse or shut down, so blood no longer fills the vein. Your body absorbs the diseased vein and blood is rerouted to healthy veins within a few weeks.

The patient then wears a compression stocking for a few weeks after this simple, in-office procedure to keep some pressure on the area. The patient can resume normal activities, like working, driving themselves home, and the like.