Good Day PA! 01/26/2015 Dr. David Calcagno, Frequently Asked Vein Questions

“Ask The Vein Expert” has been a popular topic on ABC-27’s “Good Day PA!” in Harrisburg. Today, Dr. David Calcagno was the guest and answered a variety of frequently asked questions about varicose veins and minimally invasive procedures performed by him and Dr. John Rossi at Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center.

Watch the Good Day PA! Video with Dr. David Calcagno:

They included:

1) What factors predispose people to get varicose veins?

2) Does my health insurance cover the treatment of varicose veins?

3) Are varicose veins bad for your health or are they just a cosmetic concern?

4) Are varicose vein procedures done in the hospital? Would I have to be put to sleep?

5) How long would I be laid up after a varicose vein procedure? How much work would I miss?

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