Famous People Who Had Varicose Veins

While watching “The Crown” (Season 4), it reminded your newsletter editor of an encounter with royalty during a trip to London about 15 years ago.

I was waiting for a musical to begin in the West End when Prince Charles and Camila Parker Bowles strolled into the balcony with their entourage. They sat two rows in front of us; quite a thrill.

The next day, while visiting a museum, I told a docent about my chance meeting. She replied, “She’s better looking in person, but she suffers from terrible varicose veins.”

Ever since then, I’ve wondered what other famous people could have vein disease (venous insufficiency) that affects more than 50% of women and 40% of men.

The list includes:

  • George Hincapie, a retired Tour de France cyclist.
  • Britney Spears, a singer / performer who most likely developed varicose veins during her two pregnancies.
  • Jessica Alba, an actress who admits to wearing compression stocking while traveling.
  • Serena Williams, who has spent decades competing on hard-surfaced tennis courts. She had a blood clot that traveled to her lungs, which could have been caused by varicose veins.
  • Kristin Davis, an actress, who was rumored to seek treatment for varicose veins.
  • Emma Thompson, another actress, who admits she’s had treatments for varicose veins.

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