Do You Want Freedom From Vein Disease?

52990143 - young determined businesswoman with orange flag in hands
52990143 – young determined businesswoman with orange flag in hands

Because we still have the 4th of July on our minds, if you want to declare freedom from vein disease, just call “The Vein Docs” –– Dr. David Calcagno and Dr. John Rossi at 855-501-3201.

Venous insufficiency, also known as venous reflux or vein disease, can happen to just about anyone at any age, from women in their 20s who are pregnant to your grandfather.

However, venous insufficiency typically manifests itself as varicose veins in adults. Those ugly, bulging and painful veins are often mischaracterized as a cosmetic problem, but are a sign of an underlying circulatory system disorder.

In fact, by age 60, approximately 70% of women and 40% of men will suffer from venous insufficiency. Left untreated, this issue can lead to worse medical issues. That’s why it’s important to contact Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center now to talk to a vein specialist about treating your symptoms.

Dr. Calcagno and Dr. Rossi:

  • Are double board-certified and fellowship-trained in vascular surgery procedures.
  • Are the most experienced vein experts in Central Pennsylvania.
  • Perform quick, effective, minimally invasive vein procedures with the latest technology, resulting in as little pain and downtime as possible, with the best cosmetic results.
  • Are the co-founders of a locally owned physician practice.
  • Manage a caring, compassionate and friendly team of professionals.
  • Accept medical insurance and Medicare for most varicose vein procedures.

So if you’re tired of the pain, the swelling, the embarrassment and the discomfort of varicose veins, declare your freedom from vein disease today. Call Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center in Mechanicsburg at 855-501-3201.

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