Choosing A Vein Specialist: Trust The Experts

Dr. David Calcagno and Dr. John Rossi, both university fellowship trained vascular surgeons, who are double board certified in both surgery and phlebology, have taken their 50 years of vascular experience to deliver the areas finest vein care in central Pennsylvania.  The Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center in Mechanicsburg, is located just off of Route 81, and has become known as the Center of Excellence for the minimally invasive treatment of individual’s suffering with varicose vein disease.

Patients are sophisticated today and expect expertise in the treatment of their medical conditions. Excellent training, experience, and sound clinical judgment are required for optimal results in treating any medical condition. As vascular surgeons, with additional board certification in phlebology (the medical specialty devoted to the care of patients with vein disease), Dr.’s Calcagno and Rossi have the appropriate training and experience (50 years combined) to offer the very best and latest technology for patients with varicose veins.  They have been successfully treating vein disease since the 1980’s, and have stayed current with all the latest technology available.

“Vascular surgeons are trained in treating the vascular system of the body, which includes arteries and veins. We have now taken that expertise and applied it to a specialty center solely devoted to treating patients with vein disease. In addition, less than 1% of all physicians treating varicose veins are board certified in phlebology. That is less than 475 physicians in Canada and the United states,” Dr Calcagno states.

“Patients today expect good results, and that can only occur with individualized care and a good understanding of the disease process. Dave (Calcagno) and I really take pride in applying a multitude of non-invasive treatments to achieve the best possible medical and cosmetic result in each individual patient,” notes Dr. Rossi.

Varicose veins are weakened dilated veins that no longer effectively carry blood from the legs back to the heart. Typically, patients who are suffering from leg heaviness, aching, fatigue, and swelling have venous problems and have just learned to live with the problem. This is no longer necessary. What is important is that patients are educated to the fact that varicose vein disease is progressive and can cause problems which are easily correctable. Awareness is the key.

Most treatment is covered by insurance and is done in an outpatient setting, with no down time. Patients can immediately return to work and there are no incisions or sutures. This is because The Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center uses many state of the art non invasive outpatient treatments to treat the varicose and spider veins. Catheter ablation, laser, injections and micro-puncture phlebectomy are just some of the options available to patients.

Anyone experiencing a varicose or spider vein problem can learn more about the Calcagno & RossiVeinTreatmentCenterand its pain free procedures at: www.veinsAre.Us or call 717-791 2800 to secure an appointment.