Blue Veins: What the Color of Your Veins Says About Your Health

Autumn leaves are falling. Are your legs changing color, too?

If your legs are developing red-purple-blue spider veins, or if big, bulging, blue varicose veins are visible on or through your skin, contact us today.

Blue Veins Can Be a Red Flag
Our vein specialists know that varicose veins can be a red flag warning about your vascular health. This symptom of vein disease develops when blood pools in veins with insufficient valves, preventing correct blood flow.

How to Treat Varicose and Spider Veins
At Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center, each patient receives a customized treatment plan. For minor varicose veins and spider veins, we recommend sclerotherapy for a quick, in-office procedure to dissolve problem veins.

For bigger varicosities, the ClosureFast™ Procedure is a safe, effective treatment that uses radiofrequency ablation, while the VenaSeal™ Closure System uses a remarkable, proprietary adhesive to glue shut problem veins.

Varicose Vein Procedures Are Covered by Most insurance
Medically necessary varicose vein procedures are covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare®.

To schedule an evaluation, call 1-800-VEIN-DOC (1-800-834-6362). Or request your appointment online.