ABC 27 Video News Segment with Dr. John Rossi: Vein Disease

ABC_TV 27’s “Good Day PA!” ran this video news story on October 17, 2013, featuring an interview with Dr. John Rossi and his patient, Brent Andy.

Dr. Rossi explained that varicose veins are more than cosmetic issue and this medical problem affects about 27 million people across America, but only about two to three million have their aching, bulging legs, swollen varicose veins and restless legs treated by vascular experts like Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center.

Varicose veins are caused by venous insufficiency, when veins leak and the blood pulls on your legs, causing a sense of pain, heaviness, tightness and tire legs. “Fluid doesn’t roll up hill by itself,” said Dr. Rossi, “so it will roll downhill with gravity, which causes your legs to fill up like a bucket of water. Today’s procedures are quick, minimally invasive and offer a rapid recovery.”

Brent described how Dr. Rossi performed an in-office procedure with radiofrequency in less than 30 minutes to locate and destroy the vein that were causing Brent to suffer from pain and swelling in his legs.

Watch this video from ABC 27 news on “Good Day PA!”