A Medical Necessity Varicose Vein Procedure Testimonial

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.33.29 PMLinda, a 66-year-old retired nurse and grandmother of four struggled with varicose veins for almost 30 years before seeking treatment at Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center in Mechanicsburg, PA. By the way, varicose vein procedures like the one performed on Linda that doctors diagnose as a medical necessity are covered by most insurance plans.

“Balancing a demanding career as an internal medicine nurse with the hustle and bustle of raising two active boys kept me constantly on my feet,” said Linda. “In fact, I think I hardly ever sat down over a span of 45 years!”

Linda told the doctors that her legs started to feel tired, heavy and achy in her 20s after the birth of her first child. Then, with the birth of her second child a few years later, the pain and discomfort in her legs got even worse.

Additionally, Linda’s mother suffered from varicose veins. We know that heredity is a risk factor of this condition through your family history. Linda started wearing compression stockings early on, but they were uncomfortable and heavy, as well as an eyesore that impacted the way she dressed.

As a nurse, Linda understood the medical implications associated with treatment for varicose veins and venous insufficiency (vein disease). She didn’t want to undergo traditional vein stripping, but she was not aware of newer, minimally invasive options. So for almost 30 years, she lived with the pain and heavy legs.

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Then Linda’s life and her point of view about vein treatments changed one day while she was at work when a vascular surgeon from a nearby vein center came by to share information about the VNUS Closure® procedure, a targeted, minimally invasive endovenous therapy that uses radiofrequency energy. VNUS Closure has now become one of the most popular in-office procedures for varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

Within a few days, Linda was at the offices of Calcagno & Rossi Vein Treatment Center for an ultrasound diagnostic test. This simple examination confirmed that Linda had CVI, the underlying cause of varicose veins. This disease can get worse if left untreated because it is a progressive medical condition.

“Shortly after being diagnosed I underwent the VNUS Closure® procedure, which was virtually painless and took less than an hour to complete,” added Linda. “It was also reassuring to me to have the treatment performed at my physician’s office, rather than in a hospital setting. I was able to return to my regular activities quickly, and my insurance covered the entire procedure, which was a huge relief. I couldn’t be happier with my treatment decision.”

Since the VNUS Closure® procedure, Linda feels great and her legs look great, too. The treatment has allowed her to regularly participate in a walking group, work out at the gym, travel without leg pain, and enjoy beachcombing for sea glass.

“As a former nurse, I get so much joy in telling people about this radiofrequency ablation procedure and sharing my personal experience. This treatment is truly remarkable; my only wish is that it was available 30 years ago!”